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Tulle sleeves

Hi lovelies!

Today's outfit post is all about the tulle sleeves.
When I saw this sweater I fell in love instantly.
I love how you can easily dress it up.
Perfect for the holiday season. 

The sweater en shoes are from H&M.
The coat is from Mango.
The bag from Zara.
The black jeans for dr denim.

For this shoot I worked with the talented Nikki.
To see more of her work go visit her page!
And if you like what you see, give it a thumbs up ;)

I really love the holiday season and everything Christmas related!
How about you? 
I would love to know, leave a comment down below!




green fur

Hi lovelies !

How are you? I hope you are doing great !
I'm doing amazing, except for the fact that I'm freezing my 'behind' off these days...
Even though technically speaking, it's still fall!

So I revisited my closet essentials for this season.
And I decided to invest in a new fur coat and this is how I styled it.

I went for a green fur coat.
A little bit unusual for, me since 
I mostly wear black white or grey.
But sometimes I like pieces that stand out.

If you want to know where I bought my coat
and the rest of the outfit go to my Intagram ,
I tagged my whole outfit.
And don't be shy and give it a thumbs up !

For this shoot I worked with the talented Nikki.
To see more of her work go visit her page!
And if you like what you see, give it a thumbs up ;)

What is essential in your wardrobe this season?
Leave a comment down below or comment on my Insagram ;) !




Back at it again

Hello lovelies

After a few months of silence, I'm back.
You probably wonder why I have been away for so long.
Well, it was a mix of a health scare, self doubt and priorities.
I needed a break to do some self reflection.

Now that I got my priorities straight, I'm back at it again.
I thought about apologising for being away this long.
But I'm not really sorry.
Sometimes you need to do what's best for you.
When I'm ready perhaps I will share with you all what really had happened.

On a happier note, I don't know about you but I had a great summer!
I didn't really go on a vacation, but I really took time to do things I enjoy.
I went to the seaside, visit a city I never went to before for a day, spent quality time with family,...

I went to Lille for a day
It's a small city in France.
I was pleasantly surprised, I really liked the city.
And this is what a wore.

The top is from Bershka
Pants from Dr denim
Shoes from Superga 
Bag from For ever 21
Sunglasses from Ray Ban

I will post more outfits so stay tuned!
I hope you will have a awesome week ;)




Perfect Bag for the Holidays with Duifhuizen tassen en koffers

Hello Lovelies!

A few weeks ago I opened my mailbox to find a mail from Duifhuizen tassen en Koffers.
They contacted me with the question if I was interested in a collaboration.
This made me super stoked and happy!
Don’t know if you are familiar with name Duifhuizen tassen & koffers?
If you are not, I am glad to guide you in their world!

Duifhuizen tassen & koffers is one of the Netherlands largest providers of bags, purses and accessories since 1953. 
They have stores spread all over the Netherlands. 
Besides that they also have an extensive Dutch and Belgian webshop. 
On this webshop you can find many well-known brands like Valentino, ByLouLou, Guess, Supertrash and Moschino .

They let me pick out a bag to do a review for you guys.
While visiting the Duifhuizen webshop  I absolutely fell in love with this SUPERTRASH bag!
It caught my eye because of the reptile pattern in combination with the golden details.
It’s a very classy bag that you can style with almost any outfit. 
It is small but still fits a lot. Ideal for us ladies, isn’t it?

I don’t know if you saw it, but I did a unboxing video on my Instagram Stories.
If you didn’t, hurry up, and follow me on Instagram,
so you won't miss anything else in the future ;)

Here a couple of shots how of I would style this bag for a holiday dinner ;)

This velvet bomberjacket by Sissyboy is not only stylish ,
it puts you in a festive mood instantly. 

The combination with the thigh high boots and loose fitting faux leather dress makes the outfit holiday proof, classy and comfortable. And might come in handy if I eat too much dessert ;)

Dress is from Zara
Bomber jacket from Sissy-Boy
Bag By Supertrash From Duifhuizen
Shoes from Public Desire
Watch from Komono

So I hope you got inspired en don't forget to check Duifhuizen tassen en koffers !
And who knows, maybe you will also find your perfect bag for the holidays ;)

Happy Holydays !



Jumpsuit x fall

Hi lovelies!

How are you today?
Today I'm coming at you with a classic.
It's versatile, practical, can be a quick fix and you can dress it up and down.
Yes you guessed it right, I'm talking about 'the jumpsuit'.

I was standing in line with my friend to go pay for my clothes.
And as I looked to my right, there it was...
This gorgeous jumpsuit.
It was almost our turn to pay but,
I knew I had to go and try it on or 
I would regret if I didn't.

The jumpsuit is from Zara and the shoes from
Public desire. Here is a links for similar ones.
My watch is from Komono (my favorite!).

 At first I wasn't crazy about the color.
But it's a great neutral color for fall.

What is your favorite color for fall?
Leave a comment down below or tweet me ;)
I'm also on Instagram , don't be shy come and say hi !
Have a blessed week!


Photocredit : Linde Nuyts



thigh high boots

Hi lovelies!

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that
I went to Rotterdam (Holland) two weekends ago.
I had a great time.It was not in my plan to buy anything,
but when I saw these boots it was love at first side.

OK, OK I admit it, I might be a little obsessed with 
perspex heels hahaha.
But for real they are freakin' awesome.
Thigh high boots are really in this fall.
And honestly the give me life!

I paired them with a denim blouse dress from Zara.
Shout out to my best friend, she spotted it.
I wasn't convinced at first.
But now I'm in love.
It's really comfy and you can finish the look with 
a leather jacket and some accessories


The heel is not too high, 
I'm able to wear them for a whole day
I bought them in a little shop (don't remember the name)
but here is the link where you can order similar ones.
And you already know 
my beloved Komono watch hahaha.

Are you over the perspex heel trend?
I know I'm not hahahah
Leave a comment down below or tweet me;)
I'm also on Instagram so don't be shy come and say hi!
Have a nice week, catch you next week  !


Photo credit :Linde Nuyts

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